James Onnen

I'm a maker. Designing and creating new things with people is my hobby.

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Whatever Floats your Boat

Whatever Floats your Boat has been played 36 million times and has been featured on Roblox multiple times. This is my most popular game. Released in May 2014.

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Nevermore open source

Nevermore is an open source module loader with reusable and easy unified server-client modules for faster game development on Roblox. I've been proudly maintaining this code base since 2013.

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Floppy Sword Fish Simulator

Floppy Sword Fish Simulator is a floppy game. Flop around. Technically VR compatible, but only because Roblox is good.

Catalog Heaven UI Design and Programming

Catalog Heaven's UI was redesigned by me to support XBox, PC, and Mobile. Played million of times.

Studio Splash Screen Finalist contest

My artwork is featured on Roblox Studio's splash screen on launch, one of three winners! Won $500. 2016.

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Roblox Books

My game, WFYB will be featured in Roblox Top Adventure Games and my avatar, Quenty, will be featured in Roblox Character Encyclopedia, to be released November 2018. Super excited.

BLAST HOOK - Gamejam RDC 2018 1st Place contest

We took first place with this game in RDC 2017's gamejam (USA). The theme was alternative physics.

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Meadows Ranch Maps

I developed several beautiful trail maps for this game about horses.

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Volton: Legendary Defender was a sponsored game made in August 2016 to promote Voltron: Legendary Defender. During its 2 weeks of availability it gathered over a million visits. Sponsored by Netflix.

Mountaineers 2017 Holiday Event

Mountaineers was a sponsored Roblox project

Roblox Toy Series 1

My Roblox Avatar was turned into a Roblox toy as part of the series 1, and was available in Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, and a variety of other stores. How cool is that!

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Gamejam RDC 2017 Winner open source contest

We took third place with this game in RDC 2017's gamejam (USA). The theme was mechanical.

Twitter @Quenty

I've gathered over 17k followers on Twitter, and would love to have you join me. I post pictures of development and fan creations from WFYB.

Medium @Quenty

I've got a variety of articles about Roblox Development on Medium!

Bloxy Awards Stage Builder 2015

I developed the first Bloxy Awards Stage used in 2015, selling tickets.

Class Converter Plugin plugin open source

Open source class converter with fuzzy searching to convert between Roblox classes using an API dump.

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qCmdUtl Streamlined Building plugin open source

Open source plugin forked from Anaminus's CmdUtl for building. qCmdUtl has been installed over 40k times. Today I recommend using SBS.

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Experience technical experience beyond roblox

Raikes School Logo
Raikes School education

I'm studying Computer Engineering at the Raikes School of Computer Science and Management with a minor in Business. Raikes is at UNL in Lincoln, Nebraska. Raikes is focused around intersectional study. I would highly recommend applying.

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Roblox Studio Team Summer 2016 internship

I interned at Roblox on the Studio team in San Mateo implementing several new features. Some of these, such as drag-increments and clickable stacktraces, are key elements of Roblox Studio today. It was great working on a product I had been using for several years.

  • C++, Lua, QT
Garmin logo
Garmin Aviation Department Summer 2017 internship

I interned at Garmin in Kansas City on the avionics team and got to work on implementing a autopilot diagnostics system. I was able to design the C backend and a frontend in WPF as well as the packet protocol to get real-time diagnostics during flight and testing. This was really cool.

  • C#, C, WPF, FAA Testing
Microsoft logo
Microsoft Summer 2018 internship

I interning at Microsoft on the Retail Engineering team.

NRC logo
NRC Health Design Studio 2017-2018, 2018-2019

I'm working on a design studio project through the Raikes School right now as the project manager. NRC does health care solutions.

Last year I worked on NRC too. We'll deliver a full solution after a year of work.

  • C#, Angular, Leaflet, SQL
CSG Hackathon Winner open source contest

We won second place at the CSG Hackathon 2017, winning $1500 in total. We implemented a Pokemon chatbot. Sponsored by CSG. Source code isn't great, but that's ok.

  • Python, TypeScript, Node
Code One Hackathon Winner contest

We won second place at the Code One hackathon 2016, winning $5000 in total. Sponsored by First National Bank. Unfortunately, the code isn't open source.

  • JS, BootStrap
Microsoft’s College Coding Competition Winner UNL contest

We won 3rd in Microsoft's College Coding Competition in 2015. Was one of three team members.

Nebraska Dance Festival Winner Collegiate Bronze contest

We won third place at the Nebraska Dance Festival 2017, in both smooth and rhythm categories. To be fair, there were only three couples competing in our sections (shh). Still, ballroom dancing is another one of my hobbies.

Eagle Scout Boy Scouts of America

I earned the highest award in Boy Scouts. My Eagle Scout project was building some awesome benches and a pathway at my church. I also worked at a H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation on Lakefront for 3 summers before interning at Roblox. Was a lot of fun.